Travel Workshops & Events

With 95% (The Netherlands) and 82% (Belgium), the Benelux has one of the highest internet penetrations in the world! This means that information is widely available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, both valuable and wrong. Personal contact to convey the proper message and information is therefore a must. Our travel workshops & events allow you to personally meet with the media, travel trade and consumer.

Belgians and Dutch people are amongst the most web savvy people in the world. Research and booking of holidays is mostly done online and the majority trusts peers, influencers and review sites before they decide on their next holiday (destination).


Personal contact

With so much of the research and booking processes being done online without visiting a ‘stone’ travel agency or the likes thereof, making sure the right information on your destination or brand is vital!


The first step is making sure travel media and trade relations are
up-to-date on your product, getting their information first-hand. We therefore strongly recommend to organize your own travel workshops & events. This allows you to meet and talk with media and trade on a personal level, informing them about news, developments, trends etc.


Meet the right people

Whether it is participating at a large consumer fair, having a stand at a lifestyle festival or hosting your own travel trade or media workshop, our services will make sure you meet the right people!

PR & Communicatie | Baltus Communications

Services include:

  • Organizing your event from A-Z
  • Venue scouting
  • Creating invitations
  • Arranging facilities incl. catering, photographer, materials etc.
  • On-site representation
  • Fairs
  • Travel trade workshops
  • Media workshops
  • Consumer events