Social Media Management

Strategic use of social media can significantly help the social engagement, strengthen search engine optimization and create brand awareness. We create innovative content, drive traffic, follow trends, discuss adjustments based on social media reports and deliver measurable results. Through social strategy, content creation and channel management, we help our clients to build awareness and generate buzz. Social media is a quick and effective way of communication to a targeted audience. With social media marketing, you are developing relationships with huge numbers of people directly.

Using social media to amplify the message and engage your audience. We help you to use your social media channels to create effective PR that suit your specific needs. The use of social media tools and our Dutch perspective expertise enables us to use appealing photos and texts for your destination or product. A solid social media and content strategy is essential for travel companies  in today’s marketplace. ‘So what should I post?’ is a question that we never hear in our office… our posts nine out of ten times are either entertaining, educating, funny, enlightening, evoking or stunning.

Services include:

  • Social media plan
  • Strong use of keywords and hashtags
  • Strengthening search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creating relevant and innovative content
  • Driving traffic
  • Following trends
  • Delivering measurable results