SEO & Travel PR Services

Being a small-scale PR agency, we are able to provide affordable public relations and marketing services and develop traditional and digital campaigns that provide desired results. Having worked in the travel business for over 34 years, we know the press and bloggers scene, travel trade and consumer market in the Benelux better than your daily trip from home to work .

Our clients embrace our ‘no-nonsense and can-do’ attitude. Whether we support them with PR, consumer promotions, marketing activities, advertising, representation or the organization of events, we are the eyes, ears, hands and feet in the Benelux market.

Travel Public Relations

‘What is your story to tell?’ A phrase we as PR-agency use often to stimulate story telling about destinations and travel brands. Having worked in the (travel) media landscape for over 35 years, we know how to get your story across.

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Travel Workshops & Events

How many events we have organised? We have lost count but it will be more than one hundred over the past 30 years. We absolutely adore organising an event, workshop or party and take care of each and every small detail. And take pride in finding a ‘wow’ location for you.

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Travel Trade Marketing

Still a segment not to be ignored. We market and promote destinations, products or services through tour operators, travel agencies and independent travel professionals as for certain destinations and products they are still an essential booking tool.

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Destination Marketing & Branding

With your target audience having mountains of information at their finger tips 24/7, we make sure your destination stands out from the crowds whether it being consumer, media or trade actions.

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City Marketing

City trips are one of the most important segments in the tourism industry. The Dutch and Belgians are keen city trippers. This is one of the reasons why we initiated the European City Breaks Press Event.

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PR for Hotels & Hospitality

There are over 200.000 hotels in the world. So competition is enormous and consumers and business travellers are spoilt for choice. Neglecting PR as an hotel is as bad as not making the bed.

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The battle for the tourist is fought on internet. Ranking high in Google has become top priority, SEO is fundamental. You need to be at the top of search results for your travel destination, package or product. Without further ado, it is so important that professional help is essentail.

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Crisis PR

The travel and hospitality industry have had and will continue to have their share of crises. So do not sit back and hope it will blow over…

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