3, 4 million Dutch read a Dutch print edition of a daily newspaper

Reach of all Dutch printed newspapers remains the same in 2019

Total reach of daily newspapers (Those that have to be paid for so without the free editions) amounts 3,5 million, when all regional editions are added the total number of readers is about 5,7 million, according to figures released by the ‘NOM Printmonitor 2019’.

Most national dailies have been able to increase their print run reach. Good news for the travel industry: especially the Weekend papers (these contain the travelsections) show the highest reach figures.

The daily online reach is 3,2 million readers aged 13 or older.

For our clients, we have indepth information about the divide in male and female readers, printruns, dates of planned thematic travel specials and we of course have excellent contacts with the travel editors of the dailies.