Podcasts as an extended marketing tool

Podcasts, it is everywhere and there are podcasts for almost every subject. Tuning in to your favorite podcast on your way to work via Spotify or iTunes to make your commute less boring, we have all once done it. The term ‘podcast’ emerged in 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley and is a contraction of the words iPod and broadcast. As this format of content production is growing in popularity, in the Netherlands too more and more brands are beginning to see the potential as a marketing tool.

Podcast setting

We are not sure how popular podcasts are in your country, but almost half of the Dutch population listens to podcasts and it is said to increase even more. Podcasts gave radio amateurs a new platform with access to a bigger audience. In 2005, podcasts made by hobbyist reached highpoints. They got emerging competition from professional radio makers and in the end they got outnumbered.

Travel brands are starting to engage in podcasts too, for example to promote a destination or talk about recent travel trends in the industry. Companies have more space and control over the content of an editorial-style podcast, in comparison to printing an advert in a travel magazine.

Furthermore, the reach for consumers is higher as people all over the world have easier access to your podcasts through streaming services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts iTunes and Google podcast. Not only is the access easier, nowadays we live in a fast pace routine and multitasking is a game changer. Therefore, podcasts are the ideal outcome. Consumers can combine listening to podcasts with everyday activities, like going to the gym, during the commute or while folding the laundry. Podcasts are available 24/7.

Podcasts are basically an improved form of content. They are more engaging than written articles, they offer a lot of value to your listeners and it correspondingly drives loyalty. Around 80% of podcast listeners listen to most, or all, podcast episodes. Moreover, podcasts can attract more customers. A successful podcast that proves your expertise and skills of the industry can help you draw clients to your business. In addition, when a podcast is successful guest speakers can decide to promote and share the interview and in that way you get free access to their target market.

Even though there are a lot of podcasts, there is still room for more. Especially for niche markets. And as it happens to be, there aren’t a lot of PR agencies that have a podcast. We are considering to start a podcast to set us apart from the competition and give us a better market position. All the reasons to start a podcast, don’t you think!