Willingness to get vaccinated is 66% under travellers

Half of Dutch holiday-makers await vaccination before travelling again

More and more countries change their tourism policies in order to make going on a holiday easier for people who have received their vaccination. Meanwhile, Greece and Israel have said that vaccinated tourists are welcome without having to go in quarantine. About 66% of the interviewed will take the vaccine in order to travel abroad. Half of the interviewed even said to wait with travelling until they can get vaccinated.  These findings are based on a questionnaire* executed by big online travel community Holidayguru, who asked more than 5.000 readers in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands about their opinion.

Two thirds of holiday-makers willing to get vaccination

The majority of the Dutch respondents (57%) are of opinion that holidays abroad should not only be possible for people who are vaccinated against the coronavirus. The main reason behind this, is that people want to keep their freedom of choice in taking the vaccine against the virus. Although, 66% of the interviewed said to take the vaccine if that is a condition to travel to certain countries.

Holidays abroad for everybody or only after all vaccinations?

There are daily discussions about the Dutch vaccination programme. An important part of the vaccination planning is the order in demographics in which the vaccination will be administered. Is it fair that people who have been vaccinated can go on a holiday abroad earlier than those who have not been jabbed? There is quite soem disagreement about that statement. Half of the interviewed said they do not find it fair that vaccinated people get to go on a holiday abroad before the entire of Netherlands is vaccinated. The other half does not have a problem with that.

Flying exclusively for vaccinated?

Now that the first few people are vaccinated against the coronavirus, the question remains what kind of measurements airlines will take to make international travel possible again. The CEO of Qantas Airlines stated in November that vaccination for international flights with Qantas will become obligated. Do other airlines also consider to introduce this measure? Sami Chouchane of Holidayguru does not think this will be the case. “Airlines invest a lot in hygiene to make sure people can travel safely during the pandemic. We do not expect people who are not vaccinated to be denied.”

*In total more than 5.000 people were questioned, 417 were from the Netherlands.