'Incorrect travel advice'

Dutch travel organisations take government to court

Some 72 small and medium-sized travel organisations are taking the government to court over what they claim is ‘inaccurate travel advice’. The travel organisations, most of which specialise in trips to one or a number of countries outside Europe, say that the amber colour code on the official government map should not apply to travellers who who have been vaccinated. The amber code which dominates the map means that anything other than essential travel is not recommended. ‘The current travel recommendations do not take the protection provided by vaccines into account.

Small and medium-sized specialized companies, including Explore Tanzania, Jambo Safari Club, and Around The World Travel, are involved in the lawsuits. They say that long-haul travel is unjustly discouraged, which is causing significant damage to the sector. The travel organizations argued that the quarantine obligation outside the EU no longer applies for vaccinated travelers and that vaccinations work well everywhere, including outside the EU.

The current incorrect advice is also damaging the travel sector. This is particularly culpable behaviour now that the government financial support has come to an end on October 1’, the organisations said in a statement. An alternative map made by the organisations shows a much larger number of countries in the relatively safe yellow list. It is more realistic, the organisations claim because the risk for vaccinated travellers is low. The map is based on the travel advice given out by the German governments and includes countries covered by a number of insurance companies. It is not yet known when the case will come to court.