Rise in interior holidays said to be one of the top Dutch travel trends

Domestic tourism in Benelux set to grow in the next ten years

In recent decades, the share of domestic holidays on the Dutch holiday market has declined. Foreign holidays received a boost over the last years due to increased prosperity and the cheaper flight holidays. However, there now is a turnaround in the ever-declining share of domestic travel. According to Trends & Tourism’s* Future Vision of the Dutch Holiday Market 2030, a rise in domestic holidays will be one of the biggest Dutch travel trends in the coming decade. And that is not even so much because of the corona, it is a trend that was already emerging before the corona crisis. The corona crisis actually only reinforces the development.

Seven reasons for the growth in domestic holiday:

  1. Growth in short breaks – The Dutch holiday market will have limited growth in the coming years after recovery from the corona crisis. The growth will mainly come from short holidays, research has shown that these short holidays are mainly spent close to home.
  2. Growing number of over 65s – The number of seniors will grow considerably in the next ten years. An interesting group with time, money and willingness to spend it on holidays. People over 65 often go abroad, but research has shown that his group chooses their own country relatively often.
  3. Greater chance of nice summer weather – Nice summer weather is an argument for many Dutch people to choose a foreign holiday. The greater chance of good summer weather in the Netherlands (as a result of climate change) works on the advantage of domestic travel.
  4. Sustainability is gaining in importance – Climate change will also have an increasing impact on holiday behaviour, it can be expected that flying will become more expansive due to taxes/charges and the use of sustainable fuels. Also the proportion of Dutch people who consciously take the environment into account will increase. Close-by holidays have a lower footprint, which makes domestic travel attractive.
  5. Rise of electric cars – According to the estimates by the ANWB (The Dutch Tourist Association), around 25 to 30% of the cars will be electric by 2030. The more limited range of electric cars will encourage holiday makers to go on holiday closer to home.
  6. New accommodation concepts – In recent years, many innovations have emerged in our own countries, these make the domestic product trendier and thus also attract new target groups. Examples: beach houses, pop-up campsites, tiny houses, etc.
  7. Better image of a holiday in your own country – The Dutch are becoming more aware of the attractiveness of their own country. Often thanks to some local campaigns.

During long summer holidays, abroad remains dominant

The above mentioned points offer a good perspective for entrepreneurs and regions that focus on domestic holidays. The appeal from abroad remains great – especially for long summer holidays. This is evident from a large scale study carried out by Trends & Tourism in December 2020 into holiday plans/intentions for summer of 2021. In that study, the vast majority of the Dutch indicated that they would – if possible – go abroad in the coming summer.

*Trends and Tourism is a Dutch research company specialized in Dutch holiday trends, both outgoing and incoming.