Breaking: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport plans to scrap night flights

Plans by Schiphol to scrap night flights and ban private jets by 2025 have not gone down well with Dutch flagship carrier KLM, which accuses the airport of flying solo. Schiphol chief Ruud Sondag said the airport was still intent on connecting the Netherlands with the rest of the world but had to ‘do it in a better way’. ‘We have to make less noise and become cleaner faster. We need to be sustainable for the benefit of our workers, the environment and the world. I realise out choices will have a big impact on the sector but they are needed,’ Sondag said in a statement on the Schiphol website. Calculations by the airport have shown that 17,500 people – some 16% of those experiencing serious noise disruption – will experience some relief as a result of the measures, which will also reduce the number of people with sleeping problems by over half. Schiphol is also scrapping plans for a new runway. The measures will hit holiday flights most, particularly those carried out by KLM subsidiary Transavia, which favours early morning and late-night slots. Transfers, from the United States for example, will also be affected.

Read the full release issued by Schiphol Airport here: