Blogger & Influencer Marketing

A hype or a useful instrument in your PR and marketing campaigns? Work with macro- or mico-influencers? The Benelux market – and Holland in particular – has hundreds and hundreds of bloggers. We know 99% of them, the good ones and bad ones, their specialities and angles.

If you want to adopt influencer marketing in your marketing toolbox, it’s the perfect time for it.


Of course there are many companies who are attempting to approach bloggers and influencers themselves in the Benelux. Because it is cheaper than hiring our services. ‘Cheaper’ in between brackets. Most haven’t got a clue as to their reach, whether their social media presence and figures are reliable, don’t know their audience, etc. It is easy to invite a blogger for a press trip, but it is a bit more difficult to find the right blogger with the right reach and right audience and delevering the right message for the right price on the right time. That’s where we come in.

We have been living, eating, breathing, touching and smelling the blogger and influencer Benelux market for the past 10 years or so. Have you?

Services include:

  • we find the best matches for you
  • we handpick and handselect bloggers and influencers
  • we track and measure
  • we deliver results you won’t be able to reach yourselves