Thursday 25 April 2024

Visual City Breaks Press Event
  • Date:¬† Thursday 25 April 2024
  • Venue: trendy restaurant/brewery De Prael in The Hague
  • Time: 13.00-18.30pm

This event is ideally suited for:

  • city tourism boards
  • city marketing organisations
  • airline / railway / coach companies
  • individual hotels or hotel chains
  • travel guide book publishing house
  • suitcase manufacturers
  • or any other city trip related organisation…

The 13th edition of our annual CITY BREAKS PRESS EVENT is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your city, airline, rail company, hotel chain, luggage brand, etc. to Dutch travel journalists, bloggers and influencers. We have successfully organised this event 11 times before in the Netherlands Рin case you are interested in promoting your city to Belgium press Рmark Wednesday 9 October in your calendar.

This media event is now firmly established as a must-visit workshop in the diary of Dutch travel press and bloggers. Each year between 80 tot 100 media come along to network with the  participants. The venue we have chosen is not a boring hotel meeting room but a lovely and very atmospheric location РThe Prael, a combination of a restaurant, cafe and brewery in the city of the Hague, conveniently situated between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam-the Hague Airport.

The concept:

It is straightforward and effective.

We offer you the opportunity to meet a large share of Dutch media in one afternoon in one location. Seated behind your own table you meet up with tens and tens of press and bloggers to inform them face to face about your news, attractions, news flashes, discuss press trips and joint promotions, campaigns and colloraborations.

When your chat is finished, the next journalist/blogger/influencer will sit down at your table and this will go on for the entire afternoon. Each year we have between 80-100 press turning up, as they too love the chance to meet so many city tourist boards and other relevant city break organisations in a short time span.

  • one of the best visited thematic media workshops in The Netherlands
  • a one-stop-shop for press to meet with multiple destinations and brands in one day
  • your chance to make many new contacts
  • easy and simple way to generate free publicity when you provide them with news
  • great opportunity to set up collaborations, press trips, campaigns and promotions
  • some 80 attending travel & lifestyle media and bloggers
  • incredibly efficient and practical speed dating set-up
  • you won’t find a better ROI for your money spent
media are queing up to meet participants

City trips: big business

An amazing 3.1 million city trips are taken by the Dutch each year! (pre-Covid figures). 

Why in The Hague?

Because of a number of reasons. First of all, quite a few media are getting fed up that most of the tourism related events are being organised in Amsterdam over the past tens of years. So we have started using alternative cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague for our travel trade and press events. For the 13th edition of the City Breaks Press Event we have again chosen for The Hague.

The second reason: because the Hague is a lovely city trip destination only 45 minutes by train from Amsterdam and close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and The Hague-Rotterdam Airport. By choosing this city it underscores the very reason why we decided to start organising this themed media event 10 years ago: to also give lesser well-know cities a PR platform as Dutch tourists who have visited popular destinations like London and Paris are keen to discover other cities than the well-trodden ones.

Third reason: we dislike boring meeting rooms in hotels. We prefer to organise inspiring media events in exciting and uplifting venues and De Prael meets this requirement! When you walk in, you are immediately grasped by the lively atmosphere and stunning interior of this restaurant annex brewery – what a great place to network and have a beer after the talks have finished. In the vicinity there are numerous hotels for you to stay.

city breaks press event De Prael
city breaks press event De Prael

Video impression of the venue

Video City Breaks Event 2022

Participation cost:

1 representative 875,- euro

2 representatives 950,- euro

Prices are excl. 21% VAT (there is no VAT for EU cities with their own VAT number)

Participation form: