Crisis PR

As in any other industry, the tourism industry is not excluded from crises. Sars, bombings, ebola, plane crashes, Isis, economic recession, strikes, Covid-19 … are only a few examples that have hit the travel industry very bad.

Communication remains essential during a crisis. Whilst lots of companies adopt a no comment policy during calamities, it is the worst line of action to take. When you have an issue with your kids at home you discuss it, right? The same attitude applies in a crisis situation. Proactive communication and honesty are essential.


Ample experience with Sars and ebola

We have worked 10 years for our clients the Hong Kong Tourism Board, maintain close relations with specialist tour operators and travel agency (chains) that are or could be invested in selling your destination or product. In addition, we have excellent contacts with the upcoming leading chains of independent travel professionals running their own home-based travel agency. Together we work on developing travel and sales amongst the right target group.

Services include:

  • gathering the facts
  • participating frequent crisis meetings and updates
  • send out releases
  • differentiatie between travel trade, press and consumers
  • identify stakeholders
  • No ‘no comment’ answer but honest communication
  • repositioning steps
  • set up checklist