Slovenia National Tourism Board

In Slovenia, you can swim in the sea in the morning and climb mountains in the afternoon. Slovenia is a place where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. It is a country with vast green forests and charming towns. Slovenia is committed to sustainability, here you will find ancient forests, crystal clear waters, unspoiled nooks and remarkable biodiversity.

The Slovenian Tourism Board is a national tourism board that plans and carries out the marketing of Slovenian’s tourist products and services. Slovenia has a brand with meaningful message – I feel Slovenia. The Slovenia brand combines all areas of Slovenia, including tourism, and a mix of emotions, sensibility, and the Slovenian green colour are at its core and identity. In Slovenia, green is more than a colour. It expresses the balance between the calmness of nature and the diligence of the Slovenian people. It is the experience of Slovenia that stays in one’s memory the longest. A holiday in Slovenia will bring back balance of your life, because in Slovenia you are always in touch with something elementary – whether that is water, the fragrance of the forests or the authentic flavours of the food.

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