Central America Tourism Agency

The Central American countries are located in the heart of the American continent and unites North and South America, has 57 million inhabitants on a total area of ​​570,948 square kilometers and consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, supplemented by the Dominican Republic.

Central America occupies only 2% of the Earth’s surface but is home to 12% of biodiversity worldwide, with more than 550 nature reserves and the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere (the second largest in the world). Today, the region has declared 25% of its territory as a nature conservation area, 22% of the sea area as a nature reserve and 39% of the forest area.

This natural habitat embraced by the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean not only features flora and fauna. Central America integrates an amalgamation of numerous cultures, ethnicities, languages ​​and traditions, reflected in their passion, mystique, nature, culture, sun, sea, sand, lakes and volcanoes, with populations whose lineage comes from different ancestral cultures that make Central America a unique and incomparable region. More than 25 indigenous peoples, traditional dances, imposing colonial buildings, mysterious Mayan sites and internationally renowned writers are part of the magic of all of Central America.

To get to know it thoroughly, it is ideal to take a multi-destination trip to discover the secrets and wonders of each of the eight countries, which together comprise 18 World Heritage sites. Central America is grand and mystical. The countries are well interconnected with 47 seaports and 29 airports. Central America diversity and adventure. www.visitcentroamerica.com

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