City Marketing

Strategic promotion of your city to attract more Dutch and/or Belgian visitors by means of city marketing? You are absolutely right! These two markets are keen city trippers and visit at least one foreign city per year on average. This is why we initiated the European City Breaks Press Event in 2010, the largest media event focussed purely on city travel.

Positioning your city as the ultimate city break destination amidst the abundance of cities worldwide. Defining what sets your city apart and what your destination has to offer to Dutch and Belgian tourists forms the basis of your city marketing strategy. Together we draft an outline of your target audience, your USP’s and the right media to approach with the right story angle.

City image

The best way to position your city destination is to define what image you want to create. ‘Branding’ your city is therefore very important and we hand you the right tools. Sharing your ‘feel’, your ‘taste’ and your ‘story’, in other words: your identity, your image.

Services offered include:

  • Participation at European City Breaks Press Event
  • Street Marketing campaigns
  • Develop branded content
  • Organize media/trade events
  • Social media communications
  • Press relations
  • (Native) advertising