Trade and Press roadshow United Arab Emirates in The Netherlands

Many Dutch tourists know the United Arab Emirates but when asked which seven make up for them, most of them can only point out Dubai and a few others can think of Abu Dhabi as well. What many people don’t know is that the United Arab Emirates are made up out of 7 individual ‘states’, namely:
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaywayn, Ras al-Khaimahen and Fujairah.

We were asked by The National Council for Tourism and Anitquities of the United Arab Emirates to organise this roadshow in The Netherlands and to invite travel trade, tour operators and travel agents to make them more familiar with the beauty of the Seven Emirates.

The task was upon us to promote these individual Emirates as 1 tourist destination with individual highlights. Our commissioner was Mr. Abdullah Saleh Al Hammadi, Director of Marketing & Overseas Promotions.


To promote the United Arab Emirates as a whole and one attractive and welcoming tourist destination to several stake holders in the travel industry. It was our task to inform travel agents, product managers of tour operators, MICE organisers and travel media about the possibilities in the United Arab Emirates and that there is more to it than just Dubai.


  1. In order to meet the objective, Baltus Communications arranged the invitations of the travel trade and media and Travel Industry for this roadshow to take place at the grand and famous Steinberger Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen, The Hague in The Netherlands.
  2. For the event, important stake holders of the travel industry were invited that (could) have a connection with the United Arab Emirates.
  3. A workshop-like set-up so that representatives of the Seven Emirates, hotel chains and airlines could have a chance to converse with the guests and talk about possibilities and promote the opportunities of the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Welcome speech by the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates His Excellency Abdallah Hamdan Al Naqbi that stretched the unity of the Emirates.
  5. Presentation of the destinations by means of a video and short introduction speech by a representative of the respective emirates.
  6. Award presentation to announce the winner of 2 tickets for a flight to Dubai with Emirates Airlines.
  7. Spread of press release to travel trade media.

The event proved to be very popular amongst the Dutch travel stakeholders as over 40 media and over 170 travel agents and tour operators came to the roadshow. In total more than 500 guests were visiting the roadshow and also enjoyed a fantastic Arabian Buffet. The event was held in other European cities as well including London, Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris, but this event in The Hague was the best visited.

Furthermore, connections between the representatives from the United Arab Emirates and tour operators were founded, which have resulted in new holiday opportunities for the Dutch market.

Mr. Abdullah Saleh Al Hammadi was very satisfied with the outcome and organisation of Baltus Communications and this idea is to repeat the event in the future.