Raising awareness and showcasing the beauty of this small yet diverse destination.

Press and Trade workshop Visit Luxembourg

In The Netherlands everybody knows Luxembourg. It is seen as a small and nearby country, great for cheap fuel and cigarettes, a convenient stop on the way to Germany or France. Apart from that Luxembourg is fairly unknown as a tourism destination on its own, while a diverse landscape and many cultural and culinary options are available. In addition, Luxembourg is also a destination that is very suitable for MICE and business travel. With this in mind the Luxembourg Office National du Tourisme approached Baltus Communications to organise a press and trade workshop to highlight the possibilities and USP’s of Luxembourg for these two travel segments. The Luxembourg workshop took place on September 8 in Theater Tobacco in Amsterdam.


Showcasing that Luxembourg has plenty to offer as both a tourism as well as a MICE and business travel destination, was the main objective for this workshop. As these two segments of the travel industry are very different we opted for a workshop split into two segments: a press presentation in combination with a lunch in the afternoon and a speed-date like workshop for trade representatives including a walking dinner in the evening.

The goal was to present both groups with a refreshing insight in Luxembourg and initiate collaborations in terms of press trips and partner agreements. In other words: putting Luxembourg on the radar of the Dutch traveller through these players in the industry.

Press and Trade event Visit Luxembourg


Baltus Communications and the ONT were very pleased with the results of both workshops. We received positive feedback from all angles. For the media lunch presentation there were 20 seats available for which we had a full house.

For the trade workshop we welcomed approximately 40 travel agents, tour operators and MICE organisations. A great opportunity for all players to establish new connections and travel opportunities for the Dutch market. The ONT has expressed its positive feeling at the end of the workshop and already announced that it will most likely commission Baltus Communications to organise a similar event again next year.


  • Showcasing the other side of Luxembourg – underlining its very impressive cultural and culinary scene, great offer of accommodations for all budgets, impressive outdoor possibilities and strong appeal for the MICE and business segment.
  • Highlighting the above-mentioned aspects through a stylish and suitable venue which we found in the Theater Tobacco.
  • Furthermore the venue had to be located in central Amsterdam which could be easily reached and there had to be a possibility to serve Luxembourg wines.
  • Key media that could relate to the USP’s of Luxembourg have been invited to attend the lunch presentation, appealing to their specifics topics of interest such as outdoor or gastronomy.
  • The media lunch took place in an informal setting allowing the media to network and discuss the destination and press trip possibilities with representatives of the Luxembourg Office National du Tourisme (ONT).
  • Key players in the travel trade industry such as MICE organisations, bus companies, team building organisations and DMC’s have been invited to attend the trade workshop.
  • For the trade workshop, the ONT had invited 10 partners of which the majority were hotel chains. The setting of the trade event therefore had to be in a more speed-date like set-up, allowing the attendees to ‘stop and shop’ at those parties that are interesting for their organisation.
  • When leaving both the media and the trade were presented with a goodie bag filled with information about Luxembourg as well as a nice bottle of sparkling Luxembourg crémant.
  • The same crémant was offered to the visitors upon their arrival as a gesture to show that Luxembourg is a wine destination as well.
  • At the end of the trade workshop there was a prize presentation announcing two winners for a break at two luxurious hotels in Luxembourg.