Ibiza Case Study

Promote the island of Ibiza by inviting the Dutch tour operators, travel agents and travel press to Ibiza Press Presentation at Level Eleven in Amsterdam. Ibiza is widely known as a party island. The objective of the presentation is to show the attendees that Ibiza offers more then just parties, drinking and beaches.

To promote the event was held in Level Eleven in Amsterdam. It offers a great view (360 degrees!) of the city center and is easily accessible due to the close proximity to the Amsterdam Central Station. It also offered the possibility for typical Spanish dishes for the diner. This was done to enhance the experience.

  • Inform journalists about the tourist attractions that Ibiza offers. By having conversations with the press we were able to connect with them and inform them about possibilities in an in-depth manor about the destination. Ibiza offers more so much more than just parties. It has plenty of cultural sites across the island and it also has beautiful nature and excellent cuisine. A goodie bag with press info was handed over when they left.
  • Motivating the Dutch travel agents to offer Ibiza
    Many attendees of the event were unaware of the possibilities this destination offers. By being present, providing information and answering questions, the general image of the destination can be improved and the travel agents might get motivated to offer it to their customers.

The attending press, travel agents and tour operators were very enthusiastic about the event. The presentation showed them that there is much more to Ibiza then just the party scene. The island also offers a wide array of nature, culture and food scenes.