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Dutch have amazing amount of saving money but are not keen to spend it 27 August 2021

Corona savings will not be blown on spending sprees

One third expect to book a holiday in the months to come 28 June 2021
Travel organization D-Reizen has been declared bankrupt 12 April 2021


Travel Pressentation 2021 4 November 2021 Hardrock Hotel Amsterdam
Winter Sports Press Event 2022 autumn 2022 Location will follow

Exact date and venueswill be announced in 2022

Moscow Virtual Roadshow 23/24/25 March 2021 live from Moscow
Amusement Parks Press Event 20 May 2021 Online

Holland's unique media event dedicated 100% to attractions!


Travel industry faces new challenge in post Covid-19 world Author: Marcel Baltus 15 January 2021
Sunstroke Author: Marcel Baltus 8 September 2020
No doom-thinking but do-thinking Author: Marcel Baltus 2 June 2020